Ground Preparation in Torquay
Part of a big garden project in Stoke Gabriel
Turfing on Plymouth Hoe... No job to small!
A lawn with a view in Newton Ferrers
A perfect lawn in Paignton
Half an acre of turf laid on this lawn in the South Hams
Barn conversion requires lawn in Kingsbridge
Ground Preparation in Cornwood
The finished lawn in Cornwood


Get Laid By The Best!

South Devon Turf offer a full professional laying service. Some of our services include stripping and removal of your old lawn, full cultivation using various rotavators and other machinery. Final ground works and preparation and finally the laying of the turf. Further services are available including excavation and installation of top soil where required.

South Devon Turf has an outstanding and proven track record for quality preparation and laying. We pride ourselves in carrying out this professional service.

Please call today for a no obligation free quotation. 01364 649090

For small lawns, send a couple of pictures to and we should be able to give you a fixed price by email.


South Devon Turf's top turf laying tips:

  1. Ensure your ground is free of rocks and debris but don't be to concerned over the little stones.
  2. If you have an exiting lawn, you should remove it with a sharp pointed shovel or you can hire turf cutters from most hire shops.
  3. Once the ground is clear, the garden should be turned over, either with a fork or preferrably a rotovator.
  4. If you are dressing with our screened topsoil you may not need to turn your existing soil.
  5. Your soil level should be to the top of any patio slabs to allow for a little settling and to ensure you can mow the edges easily.
  6. Rake over the soil with a wide landscapers rake.
  7. Once the area looks nice and level, shuffle across the soil to compact it with your feet.
  8. Rake the area again, scrubbing at any lumps and then spreading excess soil into the hollows.
  9. Perfectionists can use a straight edge to screed the soil for a perfect level. (We are perfectionists)
  10. Lay your 1st row of turf, carefully butting together the edges. Make sure this row is perfectly straight. It can be laid along a straight side of the garden or just lay a straight row through the middle of the area.
  11. Place boards or planks on top of your 1st row so you can now work off these boards/planks to lay the rest of the lawn.
  12. Start the next row and every other row with half a turf so that your rows will be staggered.
  13. Continue to lay your turf, carfully butting the edges together so there are no gaps. Continue to walk on the planks and move them over as you lay each row.
  14. Use a sharp knife, or sharp spade to cut the turf on the edge of your lawn.





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